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Burial Services


Burial Services is offered by the burial society as a non profit service to the Ummah. The Burial process is done according to the Quran and sunnah, the dead is washed and buried in a muslim graveyard in Baldives. The entire process is summarized in the 10 steps below. Download application form to join the burial society. You may fill the  application form here.



1. When someone passes away we request the death certificate immediately in order to perform the burial (without certificate burial cannot go ahead)

2. Locate the deceased, i.e. hospital/house

3. Arrange time for burial with family of deceased

4. Arrangements and paperwork are finalised with cemetery board and time of burial is determined

5. Deceased is collected to the mosque from the location for washing

6. Washing of the deceased (males washed by males and females washed by females)

7. Deceased is wrapped in cloth (kaffan)

8. Deceased is ready for salatul Janazah

9. After salatul Janazah the deceased is taken to cemetery in Baldives for burial

10. Deceased is buried with Duaa’ from those present



Joining fees and Monthly subscribtion:


Family - $50

  • Single - $25
  • Aged person - $25
  • Family - $12.50
  • Single - $10.00
  • Aged person - $10.00