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The madrasah at the masjid is used to teach Qur’an and Islamic Studies to children from 5 years old and up. The madrasah runs from 4:30pm till 6:30pm (Mon-Thur) and is convenient with public school schedules. The current fees for the madrasah are $10 for a child per week. The School has female teachers for women and male teachers for male students, the staff includes people who have memorized the Noble Qur’an in its entirety. Children are taught Islamic etiquette and values whilst being immersed in an enjoyable environment for them to attain the skills necessary to succeed in this life and the hereafter.


If you want to volunteer to help with the masjid with the maintenance and other areas that will benefit the community please contact us via email, phone or just drop in to the office.


Lectures are held weekly at the Masjid, every Monday after Mahrib Solaah conducted by Sheikh and Imam of At-Taqwa Masjied Moegamad and Saturdays after ‘Ishaa’ prayer. International speakers are also regularly invited to speak at masjid Al-Taqwa with large attendances being a regularity. The masjid has entertained famous personalities such as Sheikh Affeefudien Al-Jilani,Sheikh Abul Hafiz Al-Tlemcini, Qari Sheikh Aburahman Sadien, and many many more.



Mass Iftaars are held at the masjid every year by the various communities that attend the masjid, each community invites everyone to bring their family and friends and eat after Maghrib to break their fast. Every community shows off their unique cuisines with the sole intention of increasing the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the Perth Muslim community.


Taraweeh prayers are held every night in the month of ramadhan, the masjid has a large number of sheikhs and reciters who have memorized the whole Qur’an. This is a perfect opportunity for a person to reconnect with his Lord and rediscover the beauty of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is recited entirely from beginning to end during taraweeh prayer then again in the last 10 nights of ramadhan in the tahajjud (Qiyam Al-Layl) prayers.